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Detailed FREE Information on 443-558-6624

Below you will information on the 443-558-6624 phone number that we have in our internal database. This is data that we have researched and found for this particular number and all of the data in this section is 100% free.

City: Aberdeen
State: Maryland
County: Harford
County Popluation: 219,000
Cell Phone Carrier: Xo Maryland, Llc
Latitude: 39.5
Longitude: -76.16
Local Access
And Transport Area:
Time Zone: East
Zip Code: 21001
Federal Information
Processing Standard Code:
Core Based
Statistical Area:
Zip Code Frequency: -1
Operating Company Number: 4773
Rate Center: Aberdeen
Switch Common Language
Location Identifier Code:
Rate Center Vertical: 5511
Rate Center Horizontal: 1574
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